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What am I doing at the moment?

📝I am currently learning Redux and TypeScript as a personal initiative to fill the knowledge I need for my new position as a Software Developer at Coveo.

🍅I am looking at resources to learn how to debug effectively and efficiently for my new role.

🎯I am still focused on studying algorithms and data structures to understand the fundamentals of computer science. However, I have now delayed this until I am able to figure a time frame of when I can fit this into my schedule.

Currently Reading:

  • The Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday
  • So you want to talk about race - Ijeoma Oluo
  • Morning Star - Pierce Brown
  • Deep Work - Cal Newport

It is important to self educate on issues and events that have been happening the last month. I am currently reading a book called So You Want to Talk About Race by Iljeoma Oluo in my rotation of books.


Creating React-Redux applications with TypeScript to have a better grasp of the technology stack at my current position at Coveo. For personal interest and as a personal initiative to be more effective at work.

Last updated on July 4thth 2020