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Hello šŸ‘‹

My name is Kien (pronounced /'key in/). I am a Software Developer at Coveo and I have a Bachelor of Science in Honours Biochemistry from the University of Waterloo.

Iā€™m a self motivated learner who likes to program and one of my favourite things to do is try to automate tasks I encounter every day and improve the quality of life through science and technology.

My blog is a platform to share my experiences, interests, introspection and current progress with programming. In addition, I hope to become a better writer by blogging.

I am a data driven individual and always looking to improve my skills and be the best version of myself. Feel free to browse around!

My Career Change Journey

I documented my entire journey in changing my career path to becoming a developer on my blog and tracked my progress using the Pomodoro Technique.

After a very tough journey in facing many obstacles, I'm excited to work professionally as a software developer!

TL;DR - List of all the courses and the 430 hours it took me found here.

My current progress šŸ“ˆ

Everything is a skill, and thus everything can be learned, improved on, and mastered, given enough time and effort. ā€” Serena Chen

Interests & Hobbies