🍅October Pomodoro Reflection

November 14, 2020 - 3 min read 🍵🍵

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Whoa, I completely missed October. Extremely late post for my Pomodoro report for last month.

Last month I did zero Pomodoros.


I found this very interesting. I experienced this exact same trend I recorded here early in 2019.

In January of 2019, I still had my full time job and was learning programming at a ridiculous pace (same as when I was unemployed, studying full-time). I hit 78 Pomodoro’s from the help of the New Years resolution adrenaline and completely tapered off into March and burned out.

The reason being was that I felt exhausted. Being at work took 8 hours of my energy and coming home to study at an unsustainable rate was not a good combo. It was like having a full-time job and doing full course load.

Now that I’m a Software Developer, I tried to set some small goals for myself and notice the same trend happening, however, at a much smaller scale. I had planned to do 25 Pomodoro’s per month but realized I had a hard time bringing myself back to the computer after being on it for 8 hours.

I found myself leaving the desk and picking up my Kindle to enjoy some Brandon Sanderson books. I noticed a big change in my hobbies. I no longer play same online games and now prefer a more casual leisure activity after work.

It was not until this morning that I realized I had fallen asleep at 9:30pm… on a Friday night 😱

Work has been challenging and fun. I dedicate 8 hours every day to learning new things related to programming which has definitely been a replacement for what I used to do as Pomodoro’s. I realized that after an entire year of studying and now ramping up at a new job, I needed to coast for a bit to recuperate my energy and focus on having fun.


I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 4. I plan on creating a Telegram bot for myself using Python to webscrape and alert me for any changes on particular websites so that I don’t have to check them constantly.

In addition to this, I will probably automate some reminders that I need for myself since I find that Telegram does a much better job at catching my attention since it is my main messaging app.

I love automating small things like this and thought that this would be a great hobby for me to pick up. So far, I have already made some significant progress with Python which has been a blast to use. I just need to setup a crontab Python script to trigger my reminders on my Pi.

You’ll most likely see more posts about my Python progress and projects in the near future.

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