🍅July Pomodoro Reflection

August 04, 2020 - 3 min read 🍵🍵

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July Pomodoro Data

I’ve completed 4 Pomodoro’s (100 minutes) in July. This is a decrease of 16 Pomodoro’s compared to last month, a difference of 400 minutes.

Having reflections allow me to measure how much I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished to achieve my goals. It helps me stay accountable in my journey as a lifelong learner and studying the material I am interested in which will help me become a better developer and also keeping my skills current and up to date.

July Overview

Self Reflection

Yup, I completely tanked this month in terms of productivity. This month has been a stressful one.

Earlier in July, I was anxiously waiting at the hospital for my last surgery and unfortunately, I was told that it had to be rescheduled to a later date in 3 weeks time.

On the same day of my cancellation, I had to return back to the ER to deal with a second episode of Bell’s palsy and given a neurologist follow up. This made me mentally exhausted and anxious the entire month making it difficult to focus after work.

Today has been a few days since my surgery and it went well. I’m hoping this is the last surgery I will ever have to deal with as I feel completely spent.

I am focused 100% on my recovery. The medication has been making me very tired and unable to focus for long. I will be expecting a very low productivity count for August as I am anticipating my return from work in 2 weeks.

I know very well how my productivity will turn out in the upcoming months if I am not mindful of the self-imposed workload during and after my recovery.

July Improvements

  • Dedicated meditation cushion - I was having a hard time adjusting my posture when I sat down to meditate. However, with a dedicated cushion, I am able to enjoy meditation without having to worry about pain from bad posture.
  • Buckwheat pillow - I decided to purchase a buckwheat filled pillow to improve my sleep. They are pillows that are filled with the buckwheat hulls which allow for a very comfortable and conforming pillow. I found that I like this much better than my shredded foam pillow as it provides more support and sleeps much cooler.

So far I am pretty happy with the improvements as it helps with my sleep. Now I shall go back to my resting which includes frequent naps…


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