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Humans understand that the sun provides energy for all life. Without it, we would not exist.

The surface of Mars millions of years ago thrived greatly compared to Earth. It was full of water, life, and natural greenery. Being so close to the sun had many benefits. It gave Mars new elements that did not exist on Earth, allowing the Helio’s civilization to thrive by harnessing its energy and giving rise to their technologies beyond human capabilities.

As the Helio’s civilization grew, so did their ability to convert their energy to advance their technologies. It allowed them to develop spaceships and their ability to use water as a secondary source of energy and be able to terraform planets.

However, they became greedy amongst themselves, fighting for which planets to colonize. With power came the divide of their own civilization and had broken down into factions which stalled their plans and ability to colonize Earth and other planets.

Their own internal affairs made them blindsided by a solar flare from the sun which decimated its atmosphere, changing the climate of Mars and shifted its tectonic plates. It shifted so much so that they did not have enough energy to reverse its effects and thus had left them no choice but to move deep underground to survive.

Their transition to underground life required machines to suck the surface of Mars dry. It was a race against the sun’s energy evaporating water. They created their own cities deep within Mars to live, keeping them away from the sun’s harm and Mars’ uninhabitable surface.

During this difficult time, they had no choice but to band together and use their remaining resources to send an elite team to colonize Earth. Once it was colonized, ships were supposed to send water back to Mars so they can rebuild their home, regenerating the atmosphere they once had and replenishing their energy sources for their ships. However, things went south.

As their team landed, they were met with heavy natural resistance. A distress signal from Earth to Mars was sent out, an impactor was requested.

The Helio’s knew it was extremely risky as their energy reserves were low but they knew it was necessary to launch the impactor to help the team as they were their only hope to rebuild.

Today, we know it as Chicxulub impactor, an asteroid that caused mass extinction of almost three quarters of all plant and animal species on Earth.

Unfortunately, the impactor had also killed their team. With the extreme weather from Earth, it caused many animals to die and ran the team’s food and energy supplies short.

Their resources contained a blueprint substance (DNA), a substance that went into the ocean and eventually formed the animals we see here on Earth and after many years of evolution, an inferior mirror version of their own civilization had been formed called humans.

Many years had passed, and humans had suffered many wars amongst themselves and destructions of their own race.

Humans have been able to understand little of their own intelligence, only being able to extract certain knowledge into machines and eventually gave rise to their own systems they call “artificial intelligence”. This is an abstraction of the Helio’s intelligence amongst their own but limited by their own technology they had to develop.

Human intelligence, derived from the Helio’s, gave humans their own intelligence, but also their flawed ability to experience emotions of greed, the lust for power and the disregard for life to form a civilization greater than themselves.

Now, with Earth facing a global warming crisis that humans created, they have fallen into the exact same fate as the Helio’s civilization.

As Earth slowly self-destructs, the Helio’s has decided to send their message to Earth after seeing many Mars Rovers over the years. Their confidence in human technology and intelligence grew. The AI that humans developed would be able to decrypt and compute Helio’s messages from afar.

It was a resolution for the dying humans that lived on Earth. The Helio’s offered the technology to save Earth in return for shipments of water.

Everything that humans have ever known has come to an immediate fear of the Helio’s. They are a superior being, far greater than themselves with the ability and technology to wipe the entire human race clean.

With Earth slowly falling apart and the civilization of Helio’s on their hands, they had no choice. If humans had refused, both civilizations would perish from the universe and all would end. But the will to live was much greater than the fear of death and extinction.

The humans cooperated, sending ships of water to Mars and in return, the Helio’s would send specialized ships to slowly reduce Earth’s carbon emissions and reducing the ozone layer.

As Helio’s slowly rebuilds over the course of 5 years, the inevitable tension grew between the two civilizations. Humans now leveraging their AI technology to be on par with Helio’s intelligence have been creating weapons in fear of Helio’s destruction of Earth and claiming it for themselves.

The Helio’s knows very well of Earth’s plans as they themselves are the embodiment of human emotions. Being severely outnumbered and still lacking the water to refuel their ships, Humans slowly catches up with the help of their AI in utilizing water as a new fuel source.

The Helio’s feel they have created a weapon they cannot stop and their predictability of humans turning on the Helio’s will soon be the start of the first galactic war.

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