✍What is JAMstack?

April 13, 2020 - 2 min read 🍵

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I was reading Gatsby’s documentation and came across this terminology about JAMStack. I’ve also seen it in multiple job postings and feel like I should figure out what JAMstack is, after all, Gatsby is an alternative to other JAMstack technologies.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack is a modern architecture for building websites and applications. It stands for JavaScript, APIs and HTML markup and do not require a database to function. JAMStack sites can be hosted to a content delivery network (CDN) such as Netlify.

The type of architecture is decoupled with the frontend and backend where the frontend consists of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. They are many reasons why JAMstack is preferred:

  1. Speed – Since JAMstack lacks overhead with software and database layers, they render much faster than other architectures that have frontend and backend tightly coupled.
  2. Cheaper and Easier scaling – Deployments can be made anywhere since they are static files. For the best performance, they can be hosted in various CDN’s.
  3. Better Developer Experience – Allows frontend developers to build websites without needing to know the backend languages.
  4. Higher Security – Websites are compiled in advanced and they do not have any database or software layers that make them vulnerable to surface attacks. You can leave your CDN to deal with DoS attacks.

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