🩺 Staying healthy

March 21, 2020 - 2 min read 🍡

Tags: life

While the world is working hard to control the outbreak, I can’t help but think about the timing of everything. It significiantly effects the economic, social and political systems worldwide and disrupts the international community negatively.

The summer of last year really took me by surprise. I went through some rough times that left me dealing with extreme pain and on constant rounds of antibiotics; it really made me realize the importance of my own health. Not only did this pause my journey, it was a learning opportunity about myself and how I function under physical and mental stress. A lot of self-reflection was done while I was laying in bed recovering.

I had hoped to have been working sometime after April, however, I need to re-evaluate my timing as my April surgery has been cancelled due to this outbreak. Another halt in the journey, but an essential one given the current circumstances.

By practicing good hygiene, social distancing and self-isolating we can all do our part and reduce the spread and impacts of COVID-19. Health Canada has a great website to keep Canadians updated about the pandemic and the necessary steps in protecting yourself and others.

Health should be the number one priority, by being healthy, you put yourself in a better position to serve others and more importantly, yourself.

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