🍅November Pomodoro Reflection

December 01, 2019 - 4 min read 🍵🍵🍵

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I’ve completed 92 Pomodoro’s (2300 minutes) in November. This is 39 Pomodoro’s more than last month, an increase in productivity by 975 minutes.

Having reflections allow me to measure how much I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished to achieve my goals. It helps me stay accountable in my journey in changing my career path.

After many courses of antibiotics, some with refills, I have finished taking my antibiotics. Throughout this entire journey, I have been prescribed opioids to deal with the pain that had accompanied this infection, each time getting worse and worse. I can’t believe my 2019 summer has already finished and I feel like I am already so behind in everything. However, I am glad in my recovery and will be waiting til I’m 100%.


In September and November, I’ve completed two Udemy courses both by Andrew Mead:

  1. The Modern Javascript Bootcamp
  2. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

Misuse of attention

My time and energy has diverted quite a bit after finishing the two courses above. I did not have a clear direction and started random JavaScript projects, freeCodeCamp exercises, playing with CSS and dabbled in a project with Vue.js. I had a very good month in terms of Pomodoro’s but not quite where I wanted to be, thus, a monthly reflection is always good to have.

I’m currently feeling overwhelmed which led to my distraction and diverted focus; not having a clear path can be detrimental for my progress. In order to circumvent this, I took a step back the beginning of this month and review what I wanted to do next to achieve my goal in becoming a Full Stack Developer.

Current objectives and goals

I want to be more comfortable with JavaScript and be able to use the tools in web development such as Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js to build applications. Taking the above courses really helped me get started, however, once finished, I needed to figure out my next steps are and re-align my time and effort. This month shows that I’m back to where I started before I got sick and stuffed up with opioids but now I’m much better.

As someone who graduated from Biochemistry, I lack a formal education in computer science. I want to understand the theory of computer architecture and the different types of implementation used in programming to help solidify my skills as a developer. The next step is to get this knowledge somehow.

These topics included the Big O analysis, Recursion, Sorting, Data Structures and Functional programming. Since I’m doing the self-taught route, I figured it would be best to have these in my toolbox and enroll in the Frontendmasters computer science course

Continuation of courses include a MERN course I recently purchased. This will allow me to continue to practice Javasript with MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js by building applications will help me learn the material much quicker and the courses will guide me to current best practices.

Todo for December - realignment plans:

  • Computer Science everyday (algorithms and data structures Frontend Masters) (2 Pomodoro’s/day)
  • Work on Udemy MERN course (4 Pomodoro’s/day)
  • JavaScript in-depth (on-going)

The tools I’m using are Anki and Notion to help me learn new material and have space reptition recall so that I don’t forget important concepts. I also need to rebuild my portfolio.

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