🍅August Pomodoro Reflection

September 03, 2019 - 2 min read 🍵

Tags: pomodoro

I’ve completed (+3) more Pomodoro’s than last month. July was not a fun time for me, 4 trips to the ER and a bunch of pills later and I’m looking back still amazed how well Pomodoros have been working for me.

Taking a look at my August Pomodoros shows a very similar trend. I’ve been hit with a slow brewing infection upon recovery and figured it would be a write off. I had an emergency surgery at the ER which exposed me to propofol.

Doing 2 Pomodoros per day was enough for me, that’s only 50 minutes of focused work and anything more than that I would probably doze off from the medications I was on pre and post surgery this month: Septra, ciproflaxin and metronidazole respectively.


I realized that having a solid system such as the Pomodoro technique is essential for building momentum and help bring back a productive routine. I’m hoping that once I’m cleared I can go back to hitting my 8 Pomodoros daily.

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