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August 01, 2019 - 2 min read 🍵

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July flew by fast. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been set back on my programming. Not being able to sit due to pain has taken a huge toll on my productivity. However, this post will serve as a reflection of how I’ve dealt with productivity while in pain recovering.

Back in May when I got back to my running routine, I found a podcast called Asian Efficiency, it’s for all individuals who are interested in managing time and productivity. Conveniently last month, they had an episode of How To Be Productive Through Illness and Recovery. Funny how that released right when I needed it. I listened and thought it was a very good episode for my situation.

Misconceptions about being productive during recovery

People judge themselves very harshly

As James and Jennifer says in the podcast, people need to change their mindset of what being productive means. Productivity before illness is not the same as the productivity during illness. It is often overlooked and that we should remember that the recovery process is also being productive.

No matter how much you’ve planned for something, life will always get in the way. Shifting our focus on what’s in front of us and allowing ourselves to make adjustments to the current situation will help us move forward. In my case, I’ve made the best effort I could in July and here are my results:

My pomodoros for July 2019



I’m actually quite surprised. In June, I had 90 pomodoros all focused on many different projects including React, JavaScript and learning Gatsby. Last month, my main focus was just transferring over to Gatsby after learning the basics. I did more of my JavaScript course than I expected; I really thought this month was going to be a bad one despite my circumstances. Looking forward to seeing my results go up when I’m better this month in August.

The medications were researched at a later date as I am syncing my journey and timeline together for this month. Cephalexin and Clindamycin was taken in July.

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