How I stay focused: Productivity Tools

February 19, 2019 - 2 min read 🍵

Tags: productivity

Being productive feels good. It feels even better when you’re able to track your progress. Here are some of my tools I use to keep productive.


I discovered Trello through a friend and found it to be a great way to visually see my To Do’s slowly shrink. I combine the boards and cards with my Pomodoro’s and it has been a great tool to organize my tasks. Trello is free and comes with a ton of features. A comphrensive guide on how to use Trello can be found here.


Pomotodo is a web application specifically made to do the [Pomodoro Technique](/022-pomodoro-technique/). The app has features such as a graph visualizer to see how many Pomodoro's you've completed in a day, week or month and shows your productive hours as well as your optimal days. Visualization of Pomodoros are a great motivator. With their hashtag functions, it makes organizing your accomplishments easier.


OneNote is a free fully featured notebook developed by Microsoft. It is a digital binder that helps you store your notes and ideas. After using this application for school, I've been able to use the features for work. I've helped my department utilize this tool and streamline our notes together using its cloud based capabilities.

There are tons of useful features that are integrated with Outlook including tasks, archiving specific emails, integrating meeting notes and being able to query information in an instant. I highly recommend learning how to use this!

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