David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me

February 13, 2019 - 2 min read 🍵

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The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.

I picked up this book from a friend recommendation and I was instantly hooked after the first few pages. David Goggins’ book was not only eye opening but his life journey is extremely inspiring. The book is very well written, almost as if he was a fictional character in a messed up world. It is a story of a man whose been through hell and achieved greatness.

As you read though his story, you’ll find that life dealt him the worst hand possible. Every event he leads you through is another dark hole, one after another and yet he was able to find strength and persevere.

Most of his experiences are painful ones, mentally and physically. It is through the suffering that he was able to find himself and become who he is today.

Whether it is setting up a goal to go to the gym, dealing with relationships at work or at home or developing a new skill, he constantly reminds us that work ethic is the most important factor in all of his accomplishments. The constant desire to seek out discomfort allows us to grow.

Can’t Hurt Me is not your average self help book giving you the steps on how to accomplish something, it is the journey and experience that David Goggins shares and his thought process he developed. They are perfect examples of mind over matter and has given me a paradigm shift in understanding personal growth.

This is my first book of 2019 and by far my favourite one I’ve read to date. I have 4 more books to go to complete my 2019 challenge and I look forward to completing this!

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