Artificial Intelligence with Python

October 30, 2018 - 2 min read 🍵

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October has been a very busy month. Ending off with a good note of completing the DAT236x - Intro to Data Science course offered by edX Microsoft and my fourth lesson of Android Development — which I will provide in another post next month of my progress.

Python is a programming language that I picked up after I graduation. I created a few personal projects of mine which included a file organizer for Windows and a Discord Bot. Eventually, I got stuck on figuring out what I wanted to do and researched other applications that Python can build. I found data science and A.I. and wanted to learn what all the buzz was about for machine learning. I enrolled in a course offered by Microsoft through edX to learn more and completed the course with a verified certification.

During this time, I’ve also explored a boot camp on Udemy called Python for Data Science and Machine Learning. This course revealed tons of resources that Python uses to visualize data and interpret it using many machine learning algorithms. I felt like I needed a strong background in statistics to understand the results as they were difficult to grasp. However, what interests me was how seamless it is to create beautiful visuals using Matplotllib, geopandas and Seaborn. As a person with a science degree, having data that is clean and visually appealing is a very important skill to have.

Example Scatterplot using Seaborn

With that said, I truly believe that A.I. and machine learning will be the dominant force that will push us right through industry 4.0 and allow us to achieve greater technological growth.

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