Journey to Android Development Pt. 1 (SDK and Java)

October 07, 2018 - 3 min read 🍵🍵

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On my own time, I’ve learned programming languages such as HTML and CSS to start up my personal website, Python to create some fun projects of my own and VB6 to automate some parts of my job.

However, with so many programming languages, I was unable to find something until I eventually decided on Android Development as a hobby. I found that this would be the perfect creative outlet by building apps and learning a new programming language.

There was something captivating about navigating through a polished app (e.g Uber) and giving the user the experience of convenience at their fingertips. A well-designed app that provided a clean user-friendly experience. I wanted to recreate this experience for others.

So I started to find resources online on how to create android apps from scratch. The following resources I used:

  • Head First Java (2nd Edition)

  • Udemy course from Rob Percival

  • Udacity - Android development for beginners (from Google)

I had no particular order in what resource I used, I found that I learned topics in the book that I didn’t find in the Udemy course and I had a better understanding of Android development as a whole with the Udacity course.

I built the “Just Java” app from the first course. It allows a user to create an order of coffee and then send it out using email by taking in the name, the order quantity, and options for topping which charges more.

Building this app served 2 purposes:

  1. Understanding how to use Java and the concept of Object Oriented Programming

2) Understanding how to use Android Studio

There were several important topics I took from the first course and will be keeping them in mind for future apps.

  • The ability to create a specific layout by strictly using XML

  • Creating methods to generate the final price of coffee, trigger extra cost for toppings

  • Setting text based on final results and concatenating them using Java

  • Learning how to open other apps by calling Intents (e.g opening Gmail after submitting order)

For me to keep consistent with my journey into android, I’ve provided small achievable goals for myself below to hold myself accountable.

  1. Nov 30/18 - Upload my first app on the PlayStore (Easy Shopping Calculator) - I need to finish this app off with one more feature -need to understand Array Adapters

2) Dec 10/18 - Create my Routine Task app - Deeper dive into Lists and Adapter views

  1. Jan 12/19 - Pomodoro Timer app - Milestone Project

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