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Amsterdam was absolutely beautiful! First time outside of the country and my girlfriend and I spent a week there.

My first experience outside of Canada and we planned a lot in Amsterdam. Many have told us its a good 2-3 day trip but since this was going to be our very first trip to Europe, we decided to relax and enjoy our time there.

A very walkable city, we stayed in an Airbnb at the west location of Amsterdam.

We had planned many events during our stay and had a list that we wanted to do each day. These included visiting:

  • Albert Cuyp Market - one of the busiest street markets selling everything from creative crafts and food

  • Brouwerij’t lJ - modern brewery right under the windmill (awesome beers)

  • Hortus Botanicus - beautiful botanical garden in the Plantage district of Amsterdam, about a block away from Brouweij’t lJ brewery

  • Heineken Experience - the origins of Heineken. It was a very fun experience, a huge tourist trap but I highly recommend it! Lots of unique gifts at the end of the tour

  • Rijksmuseum - A Dutch national museum dedicated to the history of Amsterdam

  • Van Gogh Museum - Art museum dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh

  • Keukenhof Gardens - The worlds largest flower garden - also where the tulip fields are

Food experience was also one of the biggest highlights in Amsterdam. Dutch food was something we were looking forward to trying. We did our research and found that there were plenty of unique dishes.



Raw Herring

Tasted like sushi, but with a kick. You have an option of having it all in one piece, cut into pieces like shown on the left or having it served on a bun. I recommend the pieces being cut over the bun.



Two thin waffels stuck together with some sweet caramel like syrup. They are the best when made fresh and hot. We found this stand in Alberts Cuyp market.



A Dutch chain fast food restaurant that provides vending type machines where you select the food in a mini preheated glass oven. These were super delicious and filling.


Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of Kapslon which is a dish that consists of fries covered in shawarma meat and gouda cheese.

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